Carriageway House



Carriageway was a collection of building styles rolled into one cohesive build. Starting from the front gate to the rear lane access, the idea was to renovate the existing federation style home, restoring it to its original beauty, while building an ultra modem extension at the rear.

Among many notable details that stand out in this build, the sandstone feature wall that runs the length of the kitchen and dining room was definitely a highlight. The stone was salvaged from the existing footings when demolition ochred. After a period of storage, the stone was shaped, cleaned, brushed and finally constructed into this stunning wall.

The understanding that there needs to be features that connect the old with the new and a colour pallet that is consistent throughout the house has definitely brought this building to a level of class and continuity rarely seen. With a very neutral palette of blacks, greys and whites it allowed Evolving Construction to show what can be achieved with quality tradesman ship and a keen eye for detail. From the beautiful blackened Kari Pine floors to the modernist polished concrete, the classic white bathrooms to the modern cantilevered first floor and the slick timber screening to the timeless and stunning sandstone, this building will be admired and appreciated for generations to come.



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