Fernmount House



The construction of Fernmount was a one of a kind build, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in housing construction today. The foundation starts with huge concrete piers that stand 9m above the ground, anchoring the building to its perch high on the hillside, enabling what some say is the best view of the Bellingen valley and onto the Dorrigo plateau. As intriguing as the views but much more challenging to create was the parabola curve that forms the roof and ceiling to the main living area. This one-off custom designed roof proved such a challenging success that the R&D team at BlueScope Steel have used it as a case study to further push the specs of their Super 5 roofing material.

Fernmount is a sprawling development that contains an amazingly designed home for the client, which includes a guest wing separated from the main house. There is a 200m driveway leading to the carport that connects to a 60m long undercover walkway passing you through an open-air art gallery, finally arriving at the 100m2 art studio, purpose-built to take in the amazing panoramic views that surround this one of a kind development.

This build was also centred around a strong connection to nature while environmentally sustainable practices underpin the entire construction process. The need for clearing a 60m bushfire protection zone, which was stipulated by council, gave Evolving Construction the ability to further the environmental approach. After felling the trees necessary for the bushfire protection zone, the timber was then milled onsite with a portable Lucas mill, then stacked and stored onsite and left to season for the best part of a year. Finally, it was used to construct the timber buildings and walkways.

Among other Environmental achievements is the Worm Farm Septic System that supplies liquid fertiliser to a 200m2 vegetable garden. Supplying the house and community with organic vegetables. The harvesting of roof water, which supplies the property with all its water usages needs. A large solar panel system and solar hot water all this and more make this build way ahead of its time in Environmental management.



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